A wealth of experience destined
to become a family heritage.

Our 4Cs

Diamonds are by definition all unique pieces, no two are alike in the world.

Normally they are classified through what are called the 4 C’s: Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.

The combinations of the 4 C’s are infinite and it is impossible for the same combination to be repeated.

Competence. Consistency. Comfort. Customization.
These are the 4 C's that make us unique.


The Maison was founded by the Milanese jeweler Marco Valente and represents the continuation of a family tradition.

Sixty years of expertise that today are expressed in jewels of sophisticated creativity, made through advanced designing and manufacturing techniques.


In a world of jewelry that is moving towards uniformity, Marco Valente High Jewelry chooses instead to propose jewels of the highest level that stand out for the extraordinary quality of the stones, the craftsmanship achieved through the most advanced techniques and a contemporary and timeless style.

The constant search for excellence can be found in every manifestation of the brand.


It is the first goal pursued in the creation of each jewel because it is designed to be lived every day.

The extreme softness of the shapes and the advanced engineering make each piece a jewel destined to become a second skin whatever the volumes or the price.


We like to think big but we preserve our origins.

The customer is the center of our world, the primary reason for our work. A customer who chooses to enjoy timeless jewels, not tied to the fashions of the moment, to witness important moments and feelings with the certainty that their value will remain unchanged over time.

Creativity, skills and craftsmanship are made available to those who see the realization of their dreams in a single piece.

Precious creations born from the wise hands of the best Italian craftsmen

The purity of diamond meets the elegance of white gold.

Timeless. Outstanding quality of stones. Handmade.
The essence of Marco Valente High Jewelry

Italian design

A sober and elegant style, classic but always contemporary. Timeless jewelry designed to highlight feminine beauty.

Quality of materials

Rare diamonds selected to bring uniqueness to the Brand’s precious creations.

Art of the jewel

Jewelry made entirely by hand with the best manufacturing techniques and with the maestry of Valenzani goldsmiths.